Kristie Browning

Kristie Browning, MPA is a Certified Professional Mediator. She began mediating in 1992 and by the end of 2019 had mediated over 3,600 cases. Prior to that Kristie worked in the private communications industry as a Comptroller, a General Manager and a General Partner.

Kristie has served on the Idaho Mediation Association board and Idaho Supreme Court Child Protection Committee. In 2017 Kristie received the Award of Distinction from the Family Law Section of the Idaho State Bar “for outstanding service and singular achievement by a member of the Idaho legal community in family law matters.”

In addition to mediation services, Kristie provides Parenting Coordination for dozens of families.  She has facilitated strategic planning and other types of meetings, has co-facilitated groups for high conflict parents, and has been adjunct faculty at Boise State University.   Regarded as an expert, she is a trainer on a variety of topics including mediation, child development, domestic violence, dynamics of alienation, issues of separation and divorce, gender conditioning, effective co-parenting, and conflict resolution. 

Kristie has lived in Idaho since 1975 and is divorced with two adult children. In her leisure time, she enjoys backpacking, skiing, drumming, riding horses, travel, and cruising on her motorcycle.

What Clients Say

"I do appreciate your forthcoming comments, straight thinking, sticking to topics, calling us to higher standards, and reminding us what we are really doing and how this is affecting our daughter." - C.K.

"I really appreciated the way that you conducted the meeting, straightforward and no BS." - J.E.

"After eleven years of anger and frustration, even hatred, you somehow worked the magic to bring ___ and me to a place, not only of compromise, but civility. I thought I was witnessing nothing short of miracles in your office, and was justified in that belief when we stood outside the courtroom last week and talked for twenty minutes, with caring and understanding between us."  - C. B.

"We seem to communicate better now than we have for several years."  - A. T.

"You were able to get right to the heart of our deep, dark issues in a positive and productive way." - J.B.

"I believe this has been the most constructive process ___ and I have engaged in to this point." - L.L.

What Lawyers Say


“I select you as mediator when the issues are complex whether it is custody, alimony, child support or property division in large part because of your extensive experience as a family law mediator…You are efficient and straightforward with the necessary understanding that some cases must be litigated. When there is a possibility of resolution you are better than all others I have worked with at getting an agreement in place and doing so efficiently and effectively.” 

“…I also like to recommend you when there might be a power dynamic between the parties where one party has controlled the other to even the discussion field.”

“I will usually refer to you when I think that there are issues in a case where one party is not ‘getting it’ that the child’s needs come before their own.” 

“Whenever we are dealing with young children I [select you].  I also always refer you if there is a perceived power differential and one spouse feels that the other is controlling and is worried about getting pushed around…”